Speedway Sound


Point Source has been involved in motorsports audio since 1996 and has developed a design approach that encompasses all audio signal distribution issues into a single fully integrated system.  Through the use of fiber optic cable and digital audio transmission we are able to insert audio sources from just about any location on the property and deliver those signals to any location that needs them without any signal degradation associated with older analog point to point distribution designs.  The equipment used is modular and portable; any device that fails can be replaced and put on line in a matter of minutes.

The typical NASCAR Sprint Cup Series speedway seats in excess of 100,000 and giving each fan intelligible audio to each seat is an important aspect of the overall fan experience.  Point Source designs the speaker system to provide uniform coverage of the entire seating area so that all pre-race activities are clearly heard.  Once the race starts the noise level of 43 full throttle race cars exceeds all recommended safe levels, making it unfeasible to make the sound system loud enough to be heard over them.  For this reason, Point Source incorporates low power FM transmitters and scanner frequency transmitters so fans can wear hearing protection and still listen to the race announcers.

Point Source coordinates with the television broadcast staff to ensure all audio sources originating on our systems are always available with no buzz or hum and at the levels they require.  The media center is also given special consideration to ensure that all interviews are broadcast loud and clear.  We make certain that anyone who needs to record these interviews is given a clean audio input into our system.

In all, Point Source has the time in field and the talent on staff to coordinate, anticipate and deliver the best quality audio race after race.

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