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Kentucky Speedway

As part of the original construction crew for project, members of our team have been associated with Kentucky Speedway since bull dozers were on site in 1999, and have provided ongoing audio services for the property to this day – Point Source has been on site every day the Speedway’s gates have opened to the public.

Utilizing three massive arrays mounted atop poles positioned in the infield, the original sound system was a huge departure from convention, but served the speedway for well over a decade, thanks to ongoing service and maintenance from Point Source technicians. Following the transition of ownership from the original developers to Speedway Motorsports, Inc. in 2008, Point Source was contracted to renovate the digital infrastructures in preparation for a long-awaited Cup race at the track.

As the facility continued to grow and improve, Point Source partnered with SMI and Kentucky Speedway to provide innovative solutions, both technically and financially, to install new power and loudspeakers to better serve the fans in the stands. As part of this project, completed in 2013, Kentucky Speedway was equipped with an industry-first emergency paging system, designed and installed by Point Source. This high-power audio system utilizes the same technology used by the United States military to provide clear, intelligible audio across hundreds of acres of parking and camp grounds to alert guests of weather and other emergencies.