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Las Vegas Motor Speedway

The construction of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway marked Point Source’s entry into motorsports, contracted by the design team to install, test and commission the sound systems in 1995. Although the systems have evolved through the years, the initial systems were, without a doubt, the absolute state-of-the-art in digital integration and high energy distributed audio for their time. Capable of audio levels far exceeding that of the cars on the track and the jets from the adjacent Nellis Air Force base, the systems installed were, admittedly…awesome. This system marked the very first large-scale integration of fiber-optically distributed audio in the world, and contributed greatly to our ‘lessons learned.’ Much of what is commonplace in audio distribution today was pioneered at LVMS.

In addition to the Super Speedway, Point Source provided design and installation services for the subsequent dirt track, short track, dragway and numerous corporate/sponsored events. Further, upon the purchase of the facility by SMI, Point Source renovated the media center and press box to comply with SMI’s exacting standards.

From the inaugural event in June 1996 through 2000, Point Source provided ongoing race-day operations and maintenance of the installed systems. Having to depart the LVMS team to build the American Airlines Arena and subsequently Kentucky Speedway, Point Source was again contracted in 2006 to design and install the audio and media distribution systems for the innovative garage and Fan Zone, the “Neon Garage.”

On the heels of the Neon Garage project, Point Source resumed our place as the operating crew for all major events and we provide ongoing systems maintenance. LVMS is why we are in motorsports, and a large part of who we are.