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We design, integrate, & operate how the world hears you.


As many of the systems specified in today’s projects are too advanced for the traditional installation contractor, Point Source is frequently called upon to assist in the construction and integration process.  Typically, an electrician and specialty contractor can mount devices, pull and terminate the wire, but fall short when commissioning and operating the systems installed.  Point Source bridges that knowledge gap by translating the technology to the Owner/operator and communicating the project’s goals to the contractor.  As the project nears completion, Point Source works to ensure that the Owner’s expectations are clearly met and often far exceeded.

Point Source is one of a very few companies in the world that not only design and integrate systems, but also provides ongoing event support.  Staffed with engineers that are industry-recognized as among the best in the world, Point Source provides event personnel capable of supporting every technical discipline, including concert audio, public address, audiovisual presentations, distributed video, lighting and much, much more.

Systems have become increasingly more integrated, requiring a technical team that understands not only one core discipline, but many.  Point Source remains on the leading edge of advanced media distribution technologies, providing digitally integrated solutions from end to end.  In addition to commissioning and programming these systems, Point Source not only trains the facilities personnel in their maintenance and operation, but we are often called upon to directly supervise and operate the systems under both temporary and long-term agreements.

All systems, regardless of cost and quality, will eventually require repairs and upgrades.  Point Source provides comprehensive maintenance services to greatly extend the life of a system.  When trouble is discovered, Point Source brings decades of experience and comprehensive testing, analysis and troubleshooting tools to the project, bringing systems back online and operational with a bare minimum of downtime.