Bristol - Hero Image

Bristol Motor Speedway / Thunder Valley

We at Point Source have learned many lessons from our service in motorsports, but none resonates more clearly than that of Bristol Motor Speedway – “Exceed Expectations.” That simple but clear mission statement made by former track President, Jeff Byrd, impacts every operation of the Speedway to this day, and it is a goal to which we at Point Source work tirelessly to attain.

Racing lore (and the marketing folks) have rightly said, “There’s Racing…and There’s Bristol.” We are honored to be part of the rich history that is Bristol Motor Speedway. It is not easy, as anyone in racing will attest; but nothing great is ever easy. That said, the Last Great Coliseum resonates with a culture of excellence, a demand for guest satisfaction and an unending pursuit of the best show on wheels. Point Source is a proud part of that mission.

Although the existing loudspeaker systems were inherited, Point Source has worked hand-in-hand with the facility to maximize their existing systems and plan for future growth. Initially contracted in 2010 to renovate the systems digital architecture and provide new systems for the newly constructed media center and support buildings, the relationship quickly grew to the provision of race-day support and operations. Presently, Point Source supports all on-site audio operations, including the numerous charitable and corporate events that happen throughout the year. It’s Bristol, Baby! 165,000 seats of loud, banging, crashing fun…and if you know a “sound guy” that needs a dose of humility; call us.